Easter Bunny Put in Charge of Keeping National Secrets, Well, Secret

Joe Biden, Easter Bunny, Secret Service, Press, Image provided by Twitter

Washington D.C. – It has been learned that the Easter Bunny has been put in charge of helping to keep National Secrets, well, secret.

As soon as the Easter Bunny finished the rounds this morning leaving eggs in the homes, front yards, back yards, and parks where children frequent – around the globe, she (we say she due to her outfit but realize that in today’s age, she may be a he identifying as a she) was swept up by the US Secret Service to keep President Biden from talking about taboo subjects – or anything of importance.

The Easter Bunny gladly obliged interrupting President Biden when he was asked questions by the press.

It was rumored that the bunny was heard muttering something about the President not being allowed to talk. There were also mentions of the bunny making threatening comments to the President about pudding and ice cream but we’re not sure of the context as these items were also served to the attendees.

We’re currently investigating more on the situation and will provide updates as they are learned. We are also working to identify of the Easter Bunny. There have been mentions on social media that it was actually former President Obama.

Unfortunately, the Easter Bunny is rather elusive so we may have to wait until next year to get more information.

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