Facebook parent, Meta, announces “Friend Mode” and Everyone Will Love It!

New Meta "Friend Mode"

Menlo Park, CA – Meta, Facebook’s parent company, today announced its new program called “Friend Mode”.

When activated, Friend Mode will provide Meta with a level of creative autonomy and freedom over its user’s content.

Mr. Zuckerberg said, “We’re proud of this new feature which we see as a service to society. When users activate Friend Mode, the AI will analyze what has been shared and dynamically modify posts in real-time to please the readers and it’s all based on data analytics and their psychographic beliefs.”

Critics of the new service feel that it will further damage society by stifling individual thought while creating individualized echo chambers rather than echo chambers created by group thinking.

Facebook’s lead Imaginarium stated that the above would be an acceptable alternative to the divisive world that has been enhanced by Facebook and other social media platforms.

How will it work?

Just as you do today, you will continue to create content as usual. What’s unique is that two people reading the same post will see the post differently. The goal of this technology is to further buffer and protect the needs of our individual and fragile ego,

“Imagine, a world where nobody is offended and no thoughts are provoked! Today’s echo chambers will become a thing of the past and quickly replaced by peace!”

Former friends will once again be friends again. No longer will anyone be frustrated by the awkward opinions and perceived irrational thoughts of others.

Best of all, Rodney King will also find peace and no longer be forced to roll over in his grave continuously as his mission in life of all of us getting along will have finally been fulfilled.

With “Friend Mode” activated, we will finally all be able to all get along again…in our fake, little, electronic worlds.

This technology will also be integrated into the new Meta AR/VR platform and the voices, words and behaviors of other’s avatars will also be dynamically modified to give users their desired experience.

Mr. Zuckerberg ended by saying, “We’re very excited about these new features and hope you are too. We can’t wait for you to try Friend Mode today.”

Welcome to Meta!

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