Justice Kavanaugh Disappoints the Nation’s Conservatives Today


WASHINGTON D.C. – Justice Brett Kavanaugh disappointed the nation’s conservatives this morning when she came out on record stating that she now and has always identified as a black woman.

Having made this statement, she is considered by most to be the first black woman Supreme Court Justice.   For the record, a picture of Justice Kavanaugh, in black face with bra on her head during her formative years, was submitted as evidence to the court.

Chief Justice Roberts agreed that this supports her claim and provides ample proof that she did not recently conjure up the behavior to steal the spotlight from Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson who was positioned for this societal role, or to throw shade on social justice warriors.

Justice Kavanaugh said that this in no way will impact her future rulings on the court. If anything she is now more sympathetic to those around her including close friend and the Babylon Bee’s newly crowned Man of The Year, Rachel Levine.   Further, it hasn’t been easy for Justice Kavanaugh as she has accomplished all of this while hiding the fact that she has been married to the man, who was born a woman, that fathered their children.

While being interviewed on CNN regarding his recent incarceration, Jussie Smollett made a sidebar comment on the matter saying, “I guess it’s true. Why else would she have a bra on her head?”

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