Black Friday Shoppers Beat Rush – Ruin Black Friday For Others

Nordstrom Walnut Creek Black Friday

Walnut Creek, CA – A select group of Black Friday shoppers arriving in approximately 25 cars at the Nordstrom in Walnut Creek has effectively ruined Black Friday for everyone else. After leaving McDonald’s the caravan proceeded to the store where they all exited their vehicles in an organized and methodical fashion.

They quietly walked into the store, located the Black Friday promotional items, and suddenly, with military precision, proceeded to grab up the goods. Some even took bags.

As quickly as they arrived and entered the store, they left. It is reported that two individuals were arrested at gunpoint.

The activities were caught on video and shared on Twitter, where some claimed that this was simply the cost of capitalism. Others claimed that shrinkage was a write-off for the company. Others claimed that nobody should care if they were not an investor in Nordstrom or an employee.

It is rumored that the Nordstrom location will now be closed on Black Friday as they no longer have anything to give away. This will also save the company money.

Because the items stolen were meant to be given away and had no value there will be no further charges or actions taken.

Nordstrom has not provided us with any comments. Nor have any been requested.

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